The Ultraflo U1000MKII Product Range

Low cost, simple to install, compact, rugged and reliable non-invasive clamp-on meters: delivering significant savings through dry servicing and minimum downtime.Suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 22mm to 225mm (8”) OD. Operate on steel, stainless steel, copper and plastic pipes.

The U1000MKII-FM (Flow Meter)

An ultrasonic permanent/fixed pipe-mounted, non-invasive flow meter solution for measuring flow rate and total flow with a volume pulse output and optional Modbus or 4-20mA flow proportional  output. Can be used as standalone meter or as part of an integral management system. Suitable for pipes ranging from 22 to 180mm OD. Water operating temperature 0°C to 85°C.

The U1000MKII [FM or HM] -WM (Wall Mount)

A new self contained wall or panel mounted version of the FM or HM with pipe-mounted, clamp-on transducers for hot, chilled or potable water applications ranging from 22mm to 225mm pipe OD. Water operating temperature 0°C to 135°C. The range can be used as a standalone installation or form an integral part of your aM&T or Building Energy Management System.

The U100MKII-HM (Heat Meter)

An ultrasonic pipe-mounted, non-invasive thermal, heat/energy meter that uses ultrasound to measure flow rate and PT100 temperature sensors to measure flow and return temperatures. Displays energy rate and totalised energy with pulse output and communication options. Suitable for pipes from 22mm to 180mm pipe OD. Water operation temperature 0°C to 85°C.