NEW Release from Barksdale Gmbh.

Industrial Pressure Transducer – BOT Series

Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability With Rugged Construction
Barksdale engineered the BoT Transducer to address the following key needs of OEMs for gas delivery and mobile equipment applications:
• Fully customizable pressure ranges on mechanical or electrical connections
• Rugged, heavy-duty construction in a compact footprint that’s 28% smaller than standard analog electronic products
• Long-term reliability proven over 10 million pressure cycles
• High accuracy (0.25%) and low offset error at zero pressure
• Protection against hammering and spikes up to 23 times the working pressure
Barksdale achieves some of the shortest lead times in the industry through modular design and automated calibration of the BoT Transducer.
Choose How Barksdale Can Best to Help You
Meet your requirements by either configuring standard options available with the BoT Transducer or specifying fully customized
solutions only available by working with our industrial instrumentation and control specialists.
1.Configure Standard BoT Options to Match Your Requirements.
Off the shelf, the BoT Transducer meets industry standards for accuracy, process connections, pressure ranges and
thermal performance in heavy-duty applications and extreme environments. When you have specific needs that can’t be met
with our standard options, the modular BoT Transducer design and our advanced software enable Barksdale to easily configure
the BoT Transducer to match your requirements for connections, electrical output, materials, pressure and other requirements.
Simply specify from among the standard options available.
2. Design With Us to Get the Exact Digital Transducer You Need.
When your application calls for special connections, materials, performance or sizes, Barksdale can match your unique
requirements. Bespoke solutions can include physical modifications to the BoT Transducer in ways that are not
available in our pre-configured standard options. In addition, you can design with us when engineering design
validation and/or new agency approvals may be required. Your Source for High-Performance Transducers

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