UNS1000 – BN18 Barksdale Liquid Level Switch for hydraulic applications

UNS1000 – BN18 Liquid Level Switch for hydraulic applications

Level- and temperature switch for monitoring hydraulic tanks („Power Packs”).
Modern hydraulic reservoirs have a high specific output volume that can result in high oil temperatures under load.
Level and temperature monitoring is a paramount safety factor for the complete plant.


For bulkhead unions G1/2″ and M 20 x 1.5
Compact Design


OEM applications, Accessories for hydraulic reservoirs, Mineral oil applications

  • LiquidSG 0.64 min
  • Temp Limit -10 to +90oC max
  • Pressure Limit 4 Bar max
  • Reed Contact SPST NO/NC by float reversal
  • Contact Rating max. 24 V AC / DC max. 1 A max. 15 VA / W
  • Connection 1/2″BSP from outside of tank
  • Elect Conn DIN IP65 plug
  • BodyMat’l Brass
  • Float Mat’l NBR Dia 18mm
  • Temp Switch Range +60 to +90oC
  • Switch Type Normally Closed

Product Datasheet – PDF