UNS 1000 Barksdale Multi point Level Switch

UNS 1000 Multi point Level Switch

The multi Level Switch Series UNS1000 can be supplied with up to 5 switchpoints (see “Max. Switchpoints”). Besides the
float operated reed contacts to detect liquid levels, the UNS1000 can be supplied also with a PT100 temperature
sensor or with a temperature switch TS.
A wide selection of mounting elements, electrical connections, various materials and options allow you to “design” your own switch, within the given dimension limits, for your particular application. (see “Order code”) The min. dimensions are based upon the medium water. Depending on the density of other fluids this dimension can vary several millimeters. The contact modes (NO or NC) are defined on the basis of an empty tank and for installation through the top or through the bottom (when specified as “-U”). When not specified otherwise we will set the switch position for density 1 (water) and the switch action to be on moving upward.
Max. temperature range: -10°C…+105°C (Standard),
Option: -40°C…+150°C, Silicone cable (-HT)
The mounting position should be vertical, ±30°, though top or bottom.

  • Number of Floats From 1 to 5
  • Liquid SG See datasheet
  • Temp Limit-10 °C…+105 °C, PVC-cable-40 °C…+150 °C, Silicone cab. (-HT
  • Pressure Limit 15 bar, BN25, VA27 and VA44 float. 4 bar, BN18 float
  • Reed Contact SPST NO/NC and chnage over options
  • Contact Rating  See datasheet
  • Connections From 1/8″ BSP
  • Elect Conn DIN plug, Terminal Box and flying lead options

Product Datasheet – PDF