Ultrasound Camera UltraCam LD 500/510 – Compressed Air Leak Detector

Ultrasound Camera UltraCam LD 500/510

Shows exactly where compressed air leaks are on the screen and makes finding compressed air leaks much easier – even in harsh environments!

Special features of the UltraCam LD 500/510

  • Shows precisely where the leak is on the screen
  • Find leaks during production without interruption of plant operation
  • very intuitive and no training required!
  • let’s you hear where the compressed air leak is also on the headphones
  • 5 LED’s and ambient light sensor for intelligent lighting in dark environments
  • Leak estimation function (l/min or cfm) and (Cost per Year)
  • Running time of 7 hours of the LD 500/ LD 510
  • Lightest acoustic camera on the market with 600 gr
  • can be connected to existing LD 500/ LD 510

Why is the LD500/510 the most ergonomic leak detector?

Finding leaks is a recurring marathon and not a single sprint. Due to its light weight (600 grams) and long battery life (7 hours) the LD 500/ LD 510 was made for finding compressed air leaks the whole day. Also, the holster will support the user because the wight must not be carried the whole time and gives him/ her an additional free hand if needed.

Datasheet – PDF

 The UltraCam LD 500/510 uses 30 MEMS microphones to calculate and visualise the ultrasound image. In addition, the device makes inaudible ultrasoundaudible
Advantage over the classic leak detectors:-
Visual representation of the leakage in the live image, even in noisy environments during production
To determine the leakage rate, the user aims the laser directly at the leakage.
Leakage, laser and red circle must be on top of each other in the image. Then, the leakage rate in l/min or cfmand the costs in £/year are determined exactly.
The distance is measured automatically.