Turbine Flow Meter – Industrial

Turbine Flow Meter – Industrial

Industrial turbine flowmeters for accurate measurement of liquid flow. This is a well proven method of providing an electronic signal output for use in local or remote display units. Another common application for these flowmeters is to be used as part of a batch control scheme.

  • Nom Diameters 15mm  – 150 mm
  • Flow Range 0.5 – 10,000 l/min Liquids
  • Linearity 0.5% (Over 10:1 range)
  • Repeatablilty 0.1%
  • Press Drop 0.2 – 0.5 Bar (Depending on size)
  • Temp Range 120oC Max
  • Max Pressure 100 Bar
  • Connections Screwed BSP Male or flanged to your requirements.
  • Outputs Coil Type Frequency
  • Elec Connection “Cannon” style
  • Mat’l  Body St Steel
  • Calibration Cert Traceable to Nat Std


  • Indicators Direct and Remote mounting
  • High Temp Special Coils available up to 275oC

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