Safety Housed Variable Area Flow Meter (Rotameter Type)-ExStock

Safety Housed Flow Meter (Rotameter Type) – LPL 3/8

Safety Housed VA Flowmeter with In-Line connections. Standard Scales for Air, Water and common gases are available with Custom scales for alternative liquids and gases an option if required. This flow meter features a robust aluminium housing. Adjustable alarms and 2 Wire, 4 – 20mA transmitter options can be fitted to your requirements. Separate, In Line needle valve accessories can also be supplied available.


  • Gas ranges 5cc/min – 100 l/min (Air equiv)
  • Liquid ranges 2cc/min – 4.4 l/min (H2O equiv)
  • Scale length 100mm
  • Accuracy Class 2.5 VDI/VDE
  • Temp Range -15 to 120 oC
  • Pressure 20 barg max – non shock
  • Pressure Drop Gases 6 mbar max. Liquids 25 mbar max
  • Connections  3/8” BSPF In line Conn Mat’l   St Steel
  • Seals Viton
  • Tube Borosilicate Glass
  • Float St Steel, Anodised Aluminium or Acetal


  • 2- wire 4-20mA Transmitter  (See digital panel meters for indication options.)
  • Alarm Infra-red sensor with relay PSU module

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