Metal Tube VA Flow Meter iMT Series – Flanged (Rotameter Type)

Metal Tube VA Flow Meter iMT Series – Flanged (Rotameter Type)

A comprehensive range of Metal tube, Variable Area flow meters for arduous applications. Ideal for In-line unsupported mounting. Connection  are flanged to your requirements including DIN and ANSI specifications. These meters have all 316 Stainless Steel wetted components. We offer a wide range of standard scales for Air and Water. Custom scales for alternative liquids and gases can be produced for specific applications. For gas flow a damper is included as standard to provide exceptional stability of reading . Options include a 2 -wire transmitter  and single or dual alarm accessory. Both approved to EEx ia IIC T6


  • Gas Ranges 1.5 – 1500 Nm3/hr (Air quiv.)
  • Liquid Ranges 50 l/hr – 50 m3/hr (H2O equiv.)
  • Scale Length 110mm
  • Accuracy Class +/- 2% FS
  • Ambient Temp -40 to +120oC
  • Fluid Temp -80 to +300oC
  • Pressure 100 Barg max
  • Connections Flanged DIN, ASA or ANSI
  • Mat’l 316 stainless steel
  • Seals Not Applicable.
  • Options Single or Dual adjustable alarm
  • Approved EEx ia IIC T6
  • 4 – 20mA 2-wire Transmitter
  • Standard Ranges
  • Approved EEx ia IIC T6


  • 2- wire 4-20mA Transmitter (See digital panel meters for indication options.)
  • Alarms
    Single or Dual  NAMUR sensor also for hazardous areas.

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