LPCB and FM Approved Sprinkler Flowmeter – FIRESURE Duo-Groove for Sprinkler Systems  – Ex Stock

Combined LPC and FM Approved Sprinkler Flowmeter – FIRESURE Duo-Groove

Firesure Duo-Groove conveniently features dual scale graduated flow tubes in USGPM and dm3/min tubes making them suitable for both FM and LPC approved installations and so allowing greater flexibility for our customers.


  • Provides a permanent, robust installation
  • Isolation valves provided at Inlet & Outlet connections to indicator
  • Indicator can be isolated from main pipe eliminating hydraulic shock on pump start up.
  • Air is automatically purged when valves are opened.
  • In-Line filter proved to eliminate debris intrusion
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Grooved connection for simple and low cost installation


  • Suitable for both LPCB and FM Installations
  • Stable easy to read flow indication
  • Flexibility in design & site positioning
  • Compact, robust simple installation

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