Low Cost Plastic Body Rotameter Flowmeter – Model RMA. ExStock

Low Cost Plastic Body Rotameter Flowmeter – Model RMA

The Rate-Master® Flowmeter range of direct reading precision flowmeters incorporates many unique user features at moderate cost. These low cost flow meters are ideal for general use.

Easy to read design – The direct reading scales eliminate troublesome conversions. The scales are brushed aluminum, coated with epoxy and the graduations are on both sides of the indicating tube. Special integral flow guides stabilize the float throughout the range to keep it from hunting or wandering in the bore. The float is highly visible against a white background.


  • Air ranges 5cc/min – 100 l/min Air
  • Water ranges 5cc/min – 300 cc/min H2O
  • Scale length 50mm Nominal
  • Accuracy Class +/- 4%
  • Temp Range 54oC
  • Pressure  100 psig
  • Connections  1/8” NPT rear facing
  • Conn Mat’l  St Steel
  • Seals  Buna-N & Neoprene
  • Body Polycarbonate


  • Needle Valve Integral Valve
  • Pointer Adjustable marker flag
  • Other Models RMB–5” Scale, RMC–10” Scale

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