Hydrogen Fuel Cell Transducer Model BHyT


Our latest design addresses the industry’s need
for an accurate and reliable pressure
transducer for hydrogen applications that
mitigates hydrogen permeation, embrittlement
and leakage providing long term safety and
stability even at high pressures. The compact
monolithic construction in our BHyT Cell
hydrogen pressure transducers are designed
for fuel cell applications, where space is a
premium while offering reliability in high
pressure applications. The BHyT transducer is
designed to maintain stability throughout the
pressure range reducing downtime,
maintenance and calibration costs.


  • Advanced sensor signal conditioning ASIC
    ensures high accuracy 0.25% and low offset error at zero pressure.
  • Offers wide operating temperatures -40C to +100C and water tight IP67 protection and
    compatibility with demanding media such as H2 and O2.
  • Superior EMC/EMI protection as per IEC61000 standards & thermally compensated sensors
    ensure high accuracy over wide temperature ranges to mitigate thermal errors on sensitive components
  • Has the ability to measure pressure ranges from Vacuum to 10,000 psi (650 bar)

Datasheet – PDF