Electronic Pressure Switch BPS3000

Electronic Pressure Switch / Transmitter BPS3000

Compact and modern design
The new BPS3000 is characterised with panel height of 99 mm and diameter of 40 mm which enables compact installation of
many switches. Its angled top design is aesthetically pleasing and a real functional highlight.

High protection with IP65/IP67 and EMI protection
Harsh environmental circumstances, with dust or water being present are not a problem for the BPS3000. Continued functionality will be achieved by a sophisticated housing seal and a keypad integrated within the plastic housing. The high EMI protection of the BPS3000 allows installation in environments where high power walkie – talkies are in use e.g. in the steel and power industries.

► Measuring ranges: 0 … -1 bar to 0 … 600 bar gauge
► Max. 2 switch points
► Analogue output 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 V
► Rotatable 320° display & electrical connection
► Menu navigation refers to VDMA standard
► IO-Link communication interface

► Machine tool industry
► Hydraulic & Pneumatic
► Injection moulding machines
► Lubrication monitoring

Product Datasheet – PDF