DS400 Multi-Functional Flow Station – Compressed Air

Flow Station – DS400

DS 300 displays the actual value (m3 /h, m3 /min) and the total consumption. A 4…20 mA output for m3 /h and a pulse
output for m3 are available for routing to a superior building management system (PLC). The large measuring range of the
consumption sensors enable the recordings of high consumptions (e. g. on weekdays) and the determination of leakages of a few litres/min (e. g. weekends).

Special featuresStandard equipment:

USB interface
– 3.5″ graphic display
with touch screen
– Integrated mains unit for
supply of the sensors
– 4…20 mA output of
all connected
active sensors
– Pulse output
(for total consumption)
in case of flow sensors
– 2 alarm relays (pot.-free
switch-over contacts,
max. 230 V, 3 A)
Software options:
– Integrated webserver
– Mathematics calculation
– Totalizer function
Hardware options:
– Integrated data logger
– Ethernet / RS 485
– additional sensor inputs
(digital or analogue)

Product Datasheet – PDF