BLS3000 Electronic Dual Level Switch

BLS3000 Electronic Dual Level Switch


More flexibility / more information / more efficiency

  • Resolution: 5 mm
  • Redundant measurement system
  • Direct measurement
  • Capable of measuring media of density > 0.6g/cm³ that is
  • compatible with float material e.g. hydraulic oils,
  • water, coolants even with foaming
  • Total length (L0): 250 – 1000 mm
  • Compact and modern design
  • Rotatable 320° display and electrical connection
  • 4-digit 14 segment LED display
  • IP65/IP67 enclosure rating
  • The Barksdale sensor family Generation 3000 is growing again:
  • now the BLS3000 to monitor the level is available.

Short Video

The electronic level switch BLS3000 offers many advantages in relation to traditional level switches.
The integrated reed relays enable nearly continuous level measuring as well as free customized set
point adjustment. Due to digital indication and analogue output the feedback of the application is
given quickly and reliably. In addition with panel height of 110 mm and diameter of less than 41 mm
the required space for a BLS3000 is very low. This means installation even small power packs is easily
The lengths are available from 250 to 1000 mm. The resolution is at 5 mm. Beside the switch function
(max. 2 setpoints) the sensor family can also be used as transmitter with analogue output in 4 … 20
mA or 0… 10 V format. The wide range of process connections (G1/2“ M, G3/4“ M, G1“ M, ½“ NPT M,
3/4“ NPT M, 1“ NPT M, 11/4“ NPT M and M20 x 1,5 mm M) are offered for various applications. The
switch target applications are to monitor hydraulic oil or cooling water levels.
Series BLS is cULus certified as well as the well known pressure switch BPS3000 and temperature
switch BTS3000 and covers the protection classes IP65/IP67.
The big 4-digit 14-segment LED display is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a real functional
highlight. It ensures a perfect readability independent of the positioning like inversion of the display
due to software-features. Menu and electrical connection refer to VDMA standard 24574-1.
Due to rotatable 320° display and electrical connection, the mounting and installation is very easy.
“The Plus in level switches!”

Product Datasheet – PDF