Thermal Flow Meters

Get Application Flexibility with Sierra Mass Gas Flow Meters

Sierra With North America’s #1 selling thermal mass flow meter (Flow Research, Boston, MA), customers can enjoy the many benefits of thermal technology—wide turn down ratio, very low pressure drop, no moving parts, application flexibility, and a direct digital gas mass flow rate measurement. All of Sierra’s thermal flow meters deliver long-term stability with patented no-drift DrySense™mass flow velocity sensor that allows for reliable In-Situ Calibration Validation backed by a lifetime sensor warranty.

Watch Video: How Thermal Mass Flow Technology Works

Reduce Operation Cost with Precision Thermal Mass Flow Measurement

Sierra manufactures a wide variety of inline and insertion thermal mass air flow meters for precision CFM (cubic feet per minute) measurement of gas mass flow rate in light and heavy industrial applications including energy management, oil & gas, and research applications. Our proprietary DrySense sensor is key to our thermal mass flow meter stability and offers customers:

  • Immunity to cracking and shifting of the sensor over time
  • Maximum sensitivity, reproducibility
  • Ultimately greatly improved CFM air flow meter accuracy

Sierra’s QuadraTherm mass flow meter is the most accurate thermal flow meter in the world.

Due to its special sensor design and proprietary Raptor II Flow Engine, QuadraTherm is now the only thermal flow meter that can be field-updated with new gas compositions without sending the meter back to the factory. Watch Video.

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