General Purpose Pressure Transmitter BCT22 Low Cost

The BCT22 series of general-purpose pressure transducers is designed for applications where economical price and reliable pressure measurement is required. Incorporating a piezo-resistive sensor results in a low cost, high quality transducer ideal for O.E.M applications.

Applications include the continuous monitoring of oil, gas, water and other liquids in a wide range of industries.

BCT22 transmitters  are compatible with the EPA300 range of panel meters to produce a simple low cost and accurate pressure measuring and control system.

Available in pressure ranges from 0-100 mBar to 0-600 bar, gauge  with 4-20 mA (two wire). output


  • Piezoresistive pressure sensor
  • High sensitivity
  • 22 mm body diameter
  • Stainless steel case
  • EMC and reverse polarity protection
  • Analog output: 4…20mA or 0…10VDC
  • 100 mBar to 600 Bar

Datasheet – PDF


EPA300 Indicator
EPA100 Indicator