Battery Powered Electro Magnetic Flow meter – M930

Battery Powered Electro Magnetic Flow meter – M930


Battery operated Inductive Flow Meter M930 is a device designed for measuring, indicating and storing flow and passed through volume data of conductive liquids. Flow Meter M930 records both positive and negative flow. As there are neither moving nor mechanical parts in the flow profile the device can be applied to measure extremely polluted liquids containing even solid pollution. The only limitation is that the device can be used solely with conductive liquids.

Range of applications

Inductive Flow Meter M930 is designed to be used on places where standard power supply is not available (irrigation, dewatering, waterworks maintenance, waste-water maintenance).


Inductive Flow Meter M930 is a highly accurate and stable device. The construction of the M930 indicator uses components with a long-term time and temperature stability. Configuration data is backed up and can be recovered after a power failure. The back-up structure enables data recovery in case of a partial loss of data (as a result of e.g. high level electrostatic discharge). Internal CPU provides all functions usually built in electronic flowmeters, incl. low flow rate correction, frequency response setting, bandwidth of sensitivity setting at low flow rates, etc.

Inputs / Outputs

USB output uses for communication standard Modbus protocol.

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